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Genie Stottlar High in Trial

Sally Sherman High Combined

Novice Placements for the S.E.T.

Open Placements for the SET. Sally Sherman 1st. & 2nd., Sharon Fox 3rd. Becky Babicz 4th.

Utility Placements for SET: Sally Sherman 1st. & 2nd. Janet Valentovich 3rd. Nikki Muth 4th.

Novice Placements for DOCOF Genie Stottlar 1st. Rachel Flatley 2nd. Pat Mann 3rd. June Sager 4th.

Open Placements: Angela Smith 1st. Betty Van Dellen 2nd.
Ken Kincaid 3rd.
Deloris Connerly 4th.

Utility Placements; Sally Sherman 1st. Janet Valentovich 2nd.
Sally Sherman 3rd. Niki Muth 4th.


High Tri Combined Team DTCSP-Vinoy